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How To Make Room for Jesus this Advent


November 26th, 2019

18 mins 37 secs

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After Thanksgiving, it’s all too easy to jump into the chaos of December, and Advent takes a backseat to the busyness of the season. How do we avoid that frantic pace and actually make room for Jesus in our hearts this year?

Dr. Edward Sri explains how this Advent, the Lord has special graces in store for you, if only you make space for him in your life.

Snippet from the Show
“Make room for the Divine infant, for he desires to grow within your soul.” -Dom Prosper Louis Pascal Guéranger

**Why four weeks of Advent?
**Recalls the four thousand years of Biblical history. Advent walks us through that biblical story. We’re entering into Israel’s longing for the messiah—into humanity’s yearning for a savior. That’s what the season is all about.

**Why So Much Purple During Advent?
**Advent is a penitential season, a time we do some acts of penance. In the early Church, it was almost treated as if it were another lent. It included forty days of fasting, from the feast of St. Martin through Christmas. In the ninth or tenth century, the Church eventually changed the fasting to abstinence.

*What Abbot Dom GuérangerSays about Advent

There are three different kinds of men:

  1. Those who live saintly lives, living deeply in Jesus
  2. Those who have completely rejected God
  3. The last category is the largest: those of us who want friendship with Jesus but don’t live it out well. We sin and we get lukewarm. Dom Guéranger describes this group, writing, “Jesus is in them, but they are sick and weakly. Because they do not care to grow in his divine life. Their first love has become cold.”

Advent is for those of us who are in that final group..those of us who feel like we aren’t progressing in the spiritual life, or who are going backwards.
“Our Lord knocks at the door of our hearts. He comes to ask us if we have room for him, for he wishes to be born in our house.”
When we are so busy, we don’t hear him knocking.
“You who have had him within you, without knowing him, and have possessed him without relishing the sweetness of his presence, open your hearts to welcome him this time with more care and with more love.”
“Jesus repeats his visit of this year with an untiring tenderness. He has forgotten your past slights. He would make all things new.”
Maybe we’ve become slack in our spiritual life or in our relationships with others
This Advent is the time to start over: “Make room for the Divine infant, for he desires to grow in your soul.”

Practical Ideas to Make Room for Jesus **

  1. Sacrifice: picture that the manger is your heart. It has a whole lot of stuff in it...your music, your entertainment, your money, your dreams, your obsessions. This advent, give up a little something to make room for the baby Jesus to be placed in that manger.
  2. Make a gift to our Lord in this season: An extra devotion, some spiritual reading, act of service or kindness to someone in your home or workplace, extra time for prayer.
  3. Make time for prayer each day in Advent: December is hard…ask yourself, how can I encounter God in the midst of all the expectations and pressure? Take a little time each day to close your eyes and talk to the Lord. You can tell him all the things you need to do, but that little space of extra care and attention for Jesus will allow him to make you new.

The Advent of Christ

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