Episode 10

10 "Do You Hear What I Hear?"


December 19th, 2017

15 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

What if we had never heard the Christmas story before? What if we were first-century Jews encountering the story of Jesus' birth for the very first time?

In this week's podcast, Edward Sri takes us back into the world of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and unpacks for us the prophecies, historical context and Jewish hopes that come to fulfillment in Luke's account of Christ's birth (Luke 2:1-7).


Episode Notes

  • No Ordinary Census
  • The Bethlehem Prophecy
  • No Room in the Inn: Where was Jesus born?
    • A Stable?
    • A Home?
    • A Cave?
    • "katalyma"
  • Eucharistic Symbolism
    • Bethlehem House of Bread
    • The Manger